Carbon Materials for Energy Storage Devices

Our products are suitable for active materials of electrodes for electrochemical capacitors and lithium ion batteries.

Activated Carbon for the Electrochemical Capacitors

Electrochemical capacitor

Electrochemical capacitor is a kind of energy storage device.
It is superior to rapid charging and discharging compared with various batteries.
Their applications are memory backup for electric devices, power source for electric buses, trams and automobiles.


High quality petroleum coke is used as raw material.
By alkali activation, we realize the activated carbon which has high specific surface areas.
Our products “CEP series” have already been applied for lots of EDLCs(electric double layer capacitors) worldwide.
CEP series are also suitable for lithium ion capacitors.

Manufacturer -- Power Carbon Technology

Power Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. (PCT) is a 50:50 joint venture company of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy and GS Energy.
PCT owns the world largest alkali activation facilities in South Korea.

Synthetic Graphite for Lithium Ion Batteries

Raw Materials

High quality petroleum needle coke is used as raw material.
Needle coke has been applied to the filler of large graphite electrodes for Electric Arc Furnaces.

Manufacturing Processes

JX processes are very simple and cost competitive.
Original surface modification technology provides high durability, low resistance and rapid input-output.


JX synthetic graphite offers battery manufactures lots of advantages over spherical natural graphite particularly in low resistance. JX synthetic graphite provides better input-output and longer lives to lithium ion batteries.
In addition, it is suitable for thick coating on the electrodes.