Research Areas


Breathing new life into energy.
With an eye to highly effective use of oil resources, we're developing eco-friendly, clean fuels. We are also pursuing a forward-looking vision for energy diversification.

To effectively use our limited oil resources to provide eco-friendly energy.
In pursuit of this mission, our Fuels Research Laboratory is developing a range of technologies including those needed to manufacture sulfur-free fuels (sulfur content of 10 ppm or less).
We are currently engaged in development of biomass fuels, aimed at reducing carbon emissions, and also working toward greater energy diversification by creating technologies for GTL (gas-to-liquids) and development of oil sands.
In addition, we are working on techniques for manufacturing petrochemical products such as propylene and aromatic compounds from heavy oil, the demand for which is on the decline.
At the Fuels Research Laboratory, we're trying to do our part to promote a clean and thriving planet.

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