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September 6, 2017

Regarding Service Station Brand Integration into ENEOS

JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (President: T. Sugimori; "JXTG"), currently running service stations (SS) under four brands, ENEOS, Esso, Mobil, General, announces a decision to adopt a single brand, ENEOS, for its retail fuels business in Japan.

Since the business integration of JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (JX) and TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K. (TG) in April of this year, we have continued to use four brands - ENEOS of the former JX and Esso, Mobil and General of the former TG, while extensively studying the optimal brand strategy for JXTG. Pursuant to thorough evaluation from a standpoint of maximizing customer convenience, further improving the synergy effect of integration to improve profitability, and other considerations, we have reached the conclusion that adopting a single brand, ENEOS, is the optimal brand strategy for JXTG.

With this brand strategy, the Esso, Mobil and General brands, which have a longstanding history and are highly regarded by our valued customers, will be rebranded to the ENEOS brand. We will continue to build up the ENEOS brand to receive the further support and trust of our customers by providing more attractive services.

From 2H of FY2017, we plan to commence a detailed study on our card system. The target for completion of the SS rebranding is end of FY 2019.

Even after this SS rebranding, good business relationship with ExxonMobil in various area continues.

About the ENEOS brand logo


ENEOS was coined from the words "energy" and "neos", which means "new" in Greek, expressing our intent to deliver energy in various forms to fulfill our customers' energy needs. The globe in the center represents reliability and continuity, and the spiral spreading outward symbolizes creativity and innovation.

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Number of SS
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