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ENEHYDE™ (Raw material for Colorless Polyimide):
Raw Materials for Transparent Flexible Display Substrates

Alicyclic Dianhydride and Transparent Polyimide

Alicyclic dianhydrides are mainly used as raw materials for polyimide resins. General polyimide films are colored yellow, but using alicyclic dianhydride makes it possible to obtain colorless, transparent polyimides.


We are creating new classes of compounds by utilizing "norbornene chemistry" knowledge cultivated up to now, and CpODA, an alicyclic dianhydride, is one of those products.

CpODA structure
CpODA appearance

CpODA, in addition to its alicyclic structure, has a rigid framework; therefore, using CpODA can provide a polyimide film with the following features:

  • High transparency
  • High heat resistance
  • Low thermal expansion

Shown below are a polyimide precursor varnish and polyimide film obtained from CpODA.

Polyimide films obtained from CpODA are expected as replacements for glass substrates, and they could be applied as members of flexible displays.

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BzDA (R&D stage): Monomer for colorless soluble polyimides

BzDA makes PI-type varnish in various polymer composition, which is suitable for low temperature film-making process.
BzDA-based PIs have high heat-resistance and solubility.

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