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Latent heat storage material:
Paraffin-based latent heat storage material (PCM) Ecojoule Pellet for heat storage building materials
R&D product

Ecojoule PCM pellet drastically increases heat capacity, while keeping ordinary building materials easy to use.
ECOJULE® Pellet absorbs and emits large amount of heat at the comfortable temperature.
Thermal energy comes in and out according to the phase change between solid and liquid of normal paraffin.

Formaldehyde Free

"PCM pellets" contain no formaldehyde.

Easy-to-mix pellets

About 1 mm in size, these PCMpellets can be mixed into a variety of building materials.

Shape stability

Even if the paraffin inside melts, "Pellets" maintain their shape (solid).

By mixing the pellets into conventional building materials, you can greatly increase the heat capacity.

"Comfortable, energy-harvesting" passive house

You can build a very warm and energy-saving house utilizing the solar heat with PCM.

Three reasons for proposing heat storage house

1. Limits of super heat insulated houses

400 mm wall thickness: Building a house that will not drop below 20℃ in the morning requires "super insulation" that far exceeds highly insulated houses.
Installing sufficiently thick walls in space-limited Japan causes problems as it further reduces living space.

2. Abundance of solar insolation in winter

Japan's population is concentrated on the Pacific Ocean side. A feature of the Pacific side is the large number of sunny days in winter. If this solar insolation is used skillfully, a comfortable, energy-saving home can be built, one that doesn't need electricity or kerosene.

3. Shortage of heat capacity

Ninety-two percent of Japan's single-family houses are made of wood. Only 4% are concrete structures with heat capacity. Since wooden and steel-framed houses easily heat and easily cool, they cannot retain daytime warmth into the night.

When heat storage building materials are used in floors, walls, and ceilings, daytime heat can be stored and effectively utilized in the evening and thereafter.

Using the power of nature, PCM keeps your rooms at a comfortable temperature.
If the temperature is not comfortable, they quickly raise/drops the temperature without hindering heating and cooling.

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