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High heat-resistant thermosetting resinR&D product

Sample of high heat-resistant thermosetting resin
  • Combining epoxide and curing agent, this product achieves both high heat resistance and low viscosity.
  • By loading a large amount of filler, it is possible to achieve low linear expansion in a broad range of temperatures.
  • A standard type and low temperature cure type are available.
  • Filler is not included in this material.


Characteristics of resin

Standard type Low temperature cure type
Flexural strength MPa 120 140
Flexural modulus MPa 4900 4400
Flexural strain % 2.6 3.5
Coefficient of thermal expansion ppm/K 49.7 54.7
Glass transition temperature 256 247
  • Curing conditions: 100℃ 2min → 180℃ 2h → 240℃ 4h
Example of application: molding compound
  1. 1This material is a development product.
  2. 2These Data are current as of October 2017. For improvement purposes, changes may be made without notice.
  3. 3These data are typical, not guaranteed.

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